SO ... yeah hello again there, this time I'll try to keep this faucet a live as long as possible
There are a lot of tweak for this one, and I hope there will be no bots from now ....
For you who are new here, welcome

What is this?
This website will give you 100% free currencies, as long as you not using any bots ...

Why free?
Everyone love "free" things

Why there is ads? You said this is free
The ads keep the balcne on this website at 100% so please bear with it

What currencies can I get from this website?
Well, at this time it only has DOGE, since I don't have that much "pocket" money at this time ...
Click here to claim DOGE

Why there is timer?
We need to keep the balance stable, there is many people who want "free" things, but I don't have much "pocker" money right now, maybe later when we have more, I'll add more currencies and deduce the timer

Why there is daily limit for claim and withdraw?
As a state on above, there is not much money now, maybe next
And for withdraw, how much each faucet can send to FH is limited, so we need to keep it low for everyone to get their share

Where can I donate?
Aww ... how nice ...
ETH : 0x1140a4E1eB70AE5dd54df7490dCb69Ed5d3A61fE
DOGE : DEurmhd8Jobzt77fKRaov2vBX6XdUPtXb3